Wire were formed by Colin Newman (guitar & vocals), Graham Lewis (bass & vocals), Bruce Gilbert (guitar) and Robert Grey (drums).

The band subjected themselves to a lengthy period of intense, 12 hour a day rehearsals, honing their – admittedly basic – musical skills until razor sharp.  What emerged was a version of rock shorn of all ornamentation and show business.   Newman and Gilbert’s chord sequences often took unexpected turns, Graham Lewis’s unique lyrics were vivid but oblique and Grey’s drumming was minimal and metronomic.

Wire’s latest album is ‘Silver/Lead’, a set of songs which encompasses the optimistic dazzle of ‘Diamonds In Cups’, the menacing widescreen grandeur of ‘Playing Harp For The Fishes’ and the breakneck paced guitar pop of ‘Short Elevated Period’.

Although their 15th studio album is being released on the 40th anniversary of Wire’s debut, ‘Silver/Lead’ has nothing to do with the past and everything to do with the future.

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