The Men They Couldn’t Hang

With support from Run Out the Guns & Johnny Campbell.

Roots rock. Folk. Punk rock. The Men They Couldn’t Hang play them all with unique style.

The revered British folk punk group The Men They Couldn’t Hang’s ninth album, ‘The Defiant’ was funded via a successful Pledge campaign that raised over 200% of its target and was produced by Pat Collier.

Recorded during savage bouts of drinking, mess, ribald reminiscence, raucous recreation and a week of bed and board at a South London flophouse, it features such traditional themes as piracy, fascism, fishing and a little touch of romance in Henry V’s invasion force of 1415. It undoubtedly reinforces the band’s reputation as both originators and unique pillar of the roots rock renaissance, as well as one of Britain’s finest ever bands.

As this was so successful and enjoyable with such participation from the fans, the band decided to do it all over again and to that end launched another Pledge campaign to help fund their tenth studio album at the end Feb 2017 at a sold-out show at the Monkeys Music Club in Hamburg. This Pledge continues with the band having now recorded the album, between The Metway in Brighton and also Kirsty McColl’s old studio in Ealing, and will be called Cock-A-Hoop – due to be released in the Summer of 2018.

This gig will be replete with classic songs such as ‘Ironmasters’, ‘Green Fields of France’, and new tracks from Cock-A-Hoop.

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