Tempest Tossed

TEMPEST TOSSED is a sixty-minute, mostly modern language, radical reimagining of what is generally regarded as Shakespeare’s last solo-scripted play.

It is the farcical story of Francis Fortune who, with an accomplice, has made a synthetic replica of his daughter. As a storm rages, Fortune’s biological daughter arrives at his lighthouse home. Meanwhile, her replica ensnares the business partner who betrayed Fortune thirty years earlier. She tricks him into abandoning his tempest-tossed yacht, then brings him, and his travelling companion, into Fortune’s trap.

This absurd adult comedy is performed by cast of five who tussle together to create a tempest, an island, a seven-storey lighthouse, and a bellyful of laughs in just sixty minutes and on less than twelve square yards of stage.

TEMPEST TOSSED is being staged to celebrate thirty years of continuous theatre created by the staff, students and alumni of Cardinal Newman College in Preston, Lancashire, where uneasy theatre was formed shortly after drama study began in January 1987.