What A King Cnut – A Life in the Realm of Madness

Due to huge popular demand, after his first tour-de-force, smash hit, one-man show, ‘My Life Story’, Suggs is treading the boards again.

If the first show was about how on Earth he got there, Suggs: What a King Cnut  is about the surprises that awaited him when he did.

Vertigo on the roof of Buckingham Palace.  Nearly blowing the closing ceremony of the Olympics. Watching his underpants fall to earth on Bowie’s driveway.

Things have gone a smidge surreal since the Madness frontman was a twelve year old in shorts on the tough streets of North London.

Constantly expecting that inevitable tap on the shoulder to hear  ‘what are you doing here, Sunshine?’ how has he got this far? In this business you can be washed up at any minute.  How has he managed to get away with it for so long?

Fame is a tightrope and Suggs has fallen off many times.

But for all the near death experiences he takes great solace in the words of the Greek philosopher, Blondie: ‘the tide is high, but I’m holding on…’

Reviews from ‘Suggs – My Life Story’:

“Very funny, and delivered with a sense of timing and phrasing that many common-or-garden comics could learn much from”
4 stars Dominic Cavendish, The Daily Telegraph

“Suggs has natural comic timing and tells his story with wit and grace in this hugely enjoyable evening”
4 stars Dominic Maxwell, The Times

“It is impossible not to be charmed by this one man show”
4 Stars Jessica Hayes, Time Out

“Suggs is an effortlessly engaging raconteur”
Simon Price, Sunday Independent

‘The charisma of an accomplished actor the timing of a veteran stand-up’
Mark Lawson, The Guardian

‘One of the most original and engaging shows I’ve seen’
Mark Lawson – The Guardian

“Funny and moving Suggs has made his life story into a great night out”
Simon Price, Sunday Independent