Forged out of the ashes of the Brit-pop explosion, Starsailor emerged as one of the leading lights of the music scene in the early 2000s, gaining huge success and spearheading a new wave of English guitar bands

With four albums and 11 Top 40 singles under their belt, they took a break in 2009 to concentrate on other projects before reconvening for a couple of shows in 2014, which led to an eagerly anticipated Greatest Hits Tour the following year, and well received Greatest Hits album, which featured two brand new tracks, and sowed the seeds for a brand new studio album.

“The ultimaTe goal with this album is to hopefully satisfy our fans, and prove to ourselves that we can still do what we do well,” concludes keyboardist Barry Westhead. “If we get new fans on board along the way that would be great. If we get the chance to make another record after this one, it would mean we have achieved what we have set out to do with this album. That to me would be success.”