Seriously Dead

A brand new Musical Comedy Play: Seriously Dead
Starring Crissy Rock (Benidorm and I’m A Celebrity),
Frazer Hines (Emmerdale and Doctor Who),
Billy Pearce, Leah Bell and Paul Dunn

One ordinary day in the quiet little town of Olwinskirk a chain of extraordinary events began to take place bringing the lives of Betty, Albert, Billy and the local undertaker, Tristan de Winter to an uncomfortable crossroads.

Albert Blunderstone has been hiding abroad after having committed a bank robbery with a small time crook called Nodger Wilson. On the day he flies home to attend a funeral, Albert runs into Betty who used to bemarried to Nodger and in an attempt to find out what happened to his share of the dosh, he befriends Betty and her current husband Billy Blenkinsopp.

The lives of Betty, Albert, Billy and the local undertaker Tristan de Winter become inextricably linked towards a path that is leading to The Pearly Gates and a disgruntled Angel in waiting named Thelma. A brand new comedy play that will have you dying with laughter!

Written by Leah Bell and Crissy Rock.
Original Music by Mike Redway.

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