Sage Francis & B. Dolan

SAGE FRANCIS and B. DOLAN are unlikely heroes of the indie-rap and spoken word scenes. Both are internationally renowned for their lyrical prowess and explosive performances, and both hail from the small state of Rhode Island, USA.

Francis first made a name for himself at the turn of the millenium with a barrage of handmade mixtapes and legendary rap battle victories, all while developing his independent label, STRANGE FAMOUS RECORDS. In 2008, B. Dolan’s first album dropped on SFR which officially introduced everyone to the gifted, confrontational powerhouse of the stage. Several albums later, and with several world tours shared between them, Francis and Dolan have officially teamed up as the super duo “EPIC BEARD MEN” (full length album slated for release in 2018.)

Their music is at turns intensely personal and fearlessly political, funny and gut-wrenching. This doesn’t fit them in any clearly defined box one can tick off, but they do possess the rare ability to rock the hell out of a crowd while sending people home with something to think about. And that’s exactly what they intend to do at Preston’s LiVe-Venue on October 21st, 2018.

Please note for events in LiVe (venue), the time stated on the website is the DOORS time.

This is a standing only gig. 

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