Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra: The Power of Love

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Nathalie Stutzmann conductor
Thelma Handy violin.

Overture, The Force of Destiny

Romance for Violin and Orchestra

Prelude and Liebestod from Tristan und Isolde

Symphony No. 2

When Wagner’s Tristan and Isolde drink a magical potion, they unleash forces no-one can control – and a love more powerful than life itself.
Tonight, it’s all about love: from the Verdi’s hot-blooded overture, to the serene warmth and endless tunes of Brahms’s sunniest symphony:
music that seems to sing for sheer happiness. And making it all happen is the extraordinary Nathalie Stutzmann. We love her, you will
love her: she’s always a huge hit. And she’s sharing the limelight with the Orchestra’s own Thelma Handy, in Dvořák’s exquisite Romance.