Derek Acorah: Whispers From Heaven

Derek is one of the world’s most renowned Spiritualist Mediums having demonstrated to millions of people in theatres throughout the UK and beyond over his 25 year career in the public eye.

Derek’s television career dates back over fifteen years when he became the first Medium in the UK to demonstrate live on air and without the benefit of an edit suite on programmes such as “Psychic Live Time” and “The Psychic Zone”.

His audiences were enormous and not merely UK based but went out to Europe, the Middle East, India, Australia and New Zealand. He followed up with a further programme “Derek Acorah’s Predictions” which involved Derek conducting investigations of allegedly haunted locations. This programme became the forerunner for many of the ghost investigation programmes that have aired since in the UK.

Derek is particularly well known for his involvement with the phenomenal “Most Haunted”. Such was Derek’s accuracy and charm that he was dubbed “Mr. Most Haunted” by the programme’s many millions of viewers throughout the world. After taking the decision to leave “Most Haunted”, a new programme was created for him entitled “Derek Acorah’s Ghost Towns” which saw Derek visiting towns throughout the UK conducting paranormal investigations but moving away from the format of “Most Haunted” in that it took him in to the homes of the viewers.
Derek’s career has seen him following in the footsteps of Guy Fawkes for the 500th anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot. He has travelled extensively in Egypt for eight series of “Paranormal Egypt” and he had two very successful series of a programme simply named “Derek Acorah” where he demonstrated both mediumship and psychometry to a studio based audience.

After 35 years as a professional medium, Derek remains a dedicated worker for Spirit, connecting people with their loved ones in the spirit world and bringing proof of survival on a daily basis. He is also passionate about working in his investigative role in attempting to validate and confirm the presence of spirit entities in some of the world’s most haunted locations.
Derek Acorah is indeed a thoroughly modern medium whose appeal crosses the generations to young and old alike and he remains the forerunner in the field of paranormal and spiritual matters. Where Derek goes, others follow. He is ‘THE’ pioneer for Spirituality world wide.