Circus of Horrors

Imagine a fangtastic Rock Show with amazing light effects and a set combined with an amalgamation of bizarre, dare devilish and astounding Circus acts. Accompanied by a rock n roll sound scape of mainly original songs, performed with a forked tongue firmly in each cheek.

The infamous Circus of Horrors is touring throughout the world, featuring unbelievable sword swallowers, hairculian women swinging around the auditorium from their hair, demon dwarfs, a strong man, whirlwind acrobats, flaming limbo, sensational aerialists, knife throwing, cross & long bow wielding Bond like Diva’s, twisted contortion and lots, lots more in this roller coaster of a show that is now celebrating 24 years on the road!

‘Totally Unbelievable’ Scott Mills, Radio 1

‘That’s what I call entertainment’ David Hasselhoff

‘I loved it’ Simon Cowell

‘Like Rocky Horrors on acid’ Amanda Holden.