20th Century Boy

20th Century Boy – the smash hit Marc Bolan musical!

Featuring 30 70s hits including Get It On * Ride A White Swan * I Love to Boogie * Metal Guru * Hot Love * Heroes

20th Century Boy is a fantastic celebration of Bolan and Bowie with great music from the 70s. Featuring some of the greatest pop songs ever written, 20th Century Boy tells the story of Marc Bolan and his band T.Rex, exposing some of the myths and taking the audience on a great musical journey.

Rocker, poet, electric warrior, king of glam and godfather of punk, Bolan was arguably the biggest rock star the UK had ever seen. “Bigger than the Beatles” the media said. Before his tragic death in 1977, just days short of his 30th birthday, Bolan lived life at breakneck speed creating a series of iconic images, a string of number one hits and an army of fans.

With classic songs including Get It On, I Love to Boogie, Ride a White Swan, Tainted Love, Heroes, Bye Bye Love and, of course, 20th Century Boy, this show is a glorious story and a colourful celebration of glam rock at its best.

Nominated for Best New Musical (Manchester Theatre Awards), 20th Century Boy is glam rock at its best and is guaranteed to have you boogying in the aisles!

Show of the week’ – Mail on Sunday

A rip-rollicking rock and roll ride’ – Manchester Evening News

“A glorious colourful evening which had the audience on its feet and dancing in the aisles” – Evening Star

 “Definitely West End worthy” – What’s On Stage

 “A visual, aural and multimedia feast!” – The Stage

Featuring classic T.Rex 70s hits:
Ride a White Swan
Metal Guru
I Love to Boogie
20th Century Boy
…and many more!

Production shots by Judy Totton